Partner with Us

Partner with Us

Join our esteemed network of partners and become a part of extensive transportation ecosystem. Through our partnership program known as Constellation, we expand our reach to geographies that are currently not serviced by our internal operations. By leveraging your local knowledge and expertise, you can autonomously offer a range of services to meet the needs of SMEs and retail customers in your catchment areas.

As a Constellation partner, you gain access to Delhivery’s nationwide network, ensuring seamless connectivity and extensive service coverage. Capitalize on this opportunity to provide express parcel services, part-truckload freight solutions, and cross-border express and freight services to your customers. With our comprehensive support, you can deliver unparalleled service precision and cost efficiency, backed by the strength of our established infrastructure.

Join our network and benefit from our shared resources, knowledge exchange, and collaborative growth opportunities.

Partnering with Delhivery opens up new avenues for expanding your business, reaching a wider customer base, and maximizing your operational capabilities. We value the relationships we build with our partners and are dedicated to fostering mutual success.

Why Partner with Us

At Express Parcels, we believe in building strong partnerships that benefit everyone involved. When you partner with us, you gain access to:

Our expansive driver database, ensuring you always have a reliable delivery team at your disposal.

Streamlined and efficient delivery processes, saving you time and resources.

Peace of mind knowing that your deliveries are in the hands of experienced professionals.

Join us at Express Parcels and experience the future of efficient, AI-driven delivery services. Let us take care of your deliveries while you focus on what matters most to your business.

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    2005 World Health Organized Awards

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    2012 World best Working Awards

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